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About us

Chemicorp Specialities India Private Limited formerly known as Malpani Minerals Private Limited, incorporated in 1992, is a 25 years old company based in Mumbai, originally involved in trading of basic precious and non-ferrous metals as well as distribution of bottled mineral water under the brand name of "Waves".

Since then, the company has undergone various changes in its business model and is now a chemical trading company dealing in bulk as well as repacked specialty chemicals, mainly solvents.


Chemical Products for all the industries


To become a company capable of providing their customers with any required chemicals as per their specifications, flexible packing sizes and at a good and reasonable price along with excellent customer support.

To provide good services to the customers through adoption of transparent and reliable business practices.


Mr. Kailashprasad S. Malpani

Chief Founder & Mentor

Mr. Kailashprasad Malpani by virtue of his own hard-working efforts managed to establish a record of excellence in the field of construction activities and expanded the business activities from single fold to multiple activities not only in construction but also in some other activities also such as Agro-tech, leasing and chemicals and various business models in the water business. His tireless efforts helped him to earn name and fame in many industries and his dynamic leadership is a successful milestone of his own endeavor and he has established a number of companies jointly and formed “Malpani Group of Companies”. He is a sober but strict discipline guide in patronizing the workmanship of the whole business activities. Prompt action on all-important issues is the highlights of his lifelong carrier.

Mrs. Aruna K. Malpani


Soon after her marriage in the year 1987 in the family of Malpani's, Mrs. Aruna joined the business and has since been operating proprietary concern in the name of Malpani Water Supply Company at Mumbai. The company is supplying chemical treated water to Government, Semi-Government and reputed organizations with their laboratory tested samples. She has also been operating another proprietary concern providing services as investment consultants and finance broker. She is also a director on the board of various other private limited companies.

A graduate from Calcutta University, she helped tremendously in maintaining smooth and purposeful administrative and financial setup and by virtue of her individual capacity administration of the group is perfectly set. She is very fair and reasonable with the distinguished customers and with her own approaches establishing the independent identity of her own.

Mr. Ashutosh K. Malpani

Managing Director

After completing his undergraduation at the age of 22 in the field of BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration) from Lancaster University, Ashutosh Malpani had decided to diversify the businesses of the Malpani Group by venturing into the chemical trade under the supervision and care of his father. After completion of his graduation in May 2016, he took experience in the business of chemical trading for about one and a half years in a leading chemical trade company based in Mumbai. With a futuristic outlook, he aims to establish the newly formed chemical start-up by selling specialty chemicals, mainly solvents in bulk as well as repacked quantities.


Registered Address: 9 And 10, Adi House, Gokhale Road North, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028